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Bartram‘s sketch of the Great Alachua Savana, 1765

Bartram‘s drawing of the Great Alachua Savana, 1765

“The great Alatchua-Savana in the Province of East Florida,
above 60 miles in circumference near 100 miles west from
St. Augustin, & 45 miles west from the River St. Juan,” by William Bartram, circa 1774. In his “Report” to Dr. John Fothergill,
The Englishman who sponsored his travels in the southern colonies, Bartram wrote “Behold, a vast Plain of water in the middle of a Pine forest 15 miles in extent & near 50 miles in circumferance, verged with green level meadows, in the summer seasons, beautifully adorned with jeting points & Promentorys of high land. The prospect is greatly beautified by the Prodigious Numbers of Wild fowl of various kinds….It may be termed the Elisium of Birds, & happy was he that reach’t it…”


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